Entremuros House

Entremuros House

The Entre Muros house is a residential project located in Valle de Bravo. The land with a surface area of ​​1 ha is located in the upper part of the Valley, revealing the surrounding landscape in which the lake is formed as the hierarchical element.

The main concept of the house is based on a total isolation from the city by means of walls that surround the residence perimeter and that simultaneously generate spaces and games of light that divide the common area and the private area of ​​the rooms. Similarly, horizontality represents one of the fundamental values ​​for this residence, which allows the construction to be less invasive to the topography of the land.

The main entrance to the residence is made up of a main patio with an axis and a visual finish towards the main sculpture of the house, which, in turn, is diluted with the lighting and reflections of the water mirrors that contain this patio.

In the same way, the rhythm and repetition of the cartouches in the common area reinterpret those old Mexican patios that transform the space through their shadows and that generate this direct relationship with the outside. Likewise, these cartouches generate a visual relationship from the access patio to the terrace where you can see the Lake of Valle, which generates a greater depth and breadth of the residence.

Finally, the common area of ​​the living room and dining room become the central space of the residence where coexistence is directly linked to the terrace and the swimming lane.